Good day,

Recently I bought a Huawei inverter sun2000-3ktl-L0 for 12 solar panels (310 WP/panel)

My challenge is that 10 panels are situated on the South East Roof and 2 panels on South Roof.
The 2 panels have partially shade, which means they negatively influence the other 10 when it comes to performance.

What options do I have to make sure that I have full capacity on all 12 panels and that I can monitor the 12 panel performance via the inverter?

1 string on all 12 panels + 2 optimizers on the 2 panels on the South roof
2 strings (1 on 10 panels / 1 on 2 panels) + 2 optimizers on 2 panels
Add second micro inverter on 2 panels on South roof

Thanks in advance